Thursday, February 19, 2009

OH if it was only the other kind of snow

Please oh please oh please let this be the last show we get this year. Yeah the bonus of living 2 min from Lake Erie is that in the summer it acts like a giant air conditioner. Plus the standard fun stuff associated with living by the largest fresh water deposit in the world. Beach fun. But in the winter it SUCKS. But as long as I focus on the fact that with out the winter I could not appreciate the summer it makes it easier. I just think about how in a month or so the crocus' will be coming up for the first peeks of spring. New grass baby everything. I so cant wait. Plus the puppies are getting cabin fever. Trying to keep Kiah up with no nap when I get home is getting a bit tough. I really dont like the 6:00 wake up call though so I drink some coffee. She is barking now again to go out in the freezing snow again for the 5th time in 3 hours. Ohhhhhhhh boy cant wait till spring.

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